I think this poem is my favorite of all that I’ve written.  From last December.  I’ve been saving it, until I realized I don’t know what I’m saving it for.  I hope you enjoy, and would love to hear any thoughts you might have.  Thanks for reading!


I’ve been starved so long I can’t remember

The sated feeling you brought to the table of my surrender

When you split me open and feasted on the light

I murmured, my mind is hungry

Will you feed me tonight?

So you emptied my soul on the kitchen table

A pallet on the floor, two cushions for a cradle

Where you lay my head

My arms unable to reach around the space you had created

So I called out, my mind is hungry

Will you feed me tonight?

And you looked at me with eyes half remembering

The bondage of words, you were quick to tether me

To a precipice so steep it could not contain the images you had lain before me

And you left me


To a word I could not speak

So I shouted

My mind is hungry

Feed me


About stephwithoutborders

I decided to sell (almost) everything I own and buy a plane ticket to South America. This is all about why and how, and what happens next.
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