Screaming Heart

More often than not, when I write poetry, I feel like I can’t really take credit for it. Words come into my head from the ether, and if I happen to have a pen and paper handy they get written down. Sometimes they are modified but mostly what comes first stays. This one was a bit unusual in that it came out in song (just need someone to figure out the notes I was singing), and I had no idea what it related to at first. Only later did it come to me, that it was for a friend and their current situation. And for you, if you like it and can relate.

I am not responsible for your sometimes bleeding
Sometimes screaming heart
I can’t find the pieces anymore
For the things you think you want
I won’t be the rock for you to undermine
Turning me to dust
I must lay my own body to the ground
And find a way to fill me up
Fill me up
You are not responsible for my open heart
And the mess it’s got me in
You don’t need to look for the promises
That I wanted you to give
I don’t want a hero anymore
I’m flying on my own
I have wings you’ve never seen boy
I have wings you’ll never know
You’ll never know.

About stephwithoutborders

I decided to sell (almost) everything I own and buy a plane ticket to South America. This is all about why and how, and what happens next.
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2 Responses to Screaming Heart

  1. kimbozart says:

    My dear hearted woman! You really put yourself out there with this one. I think of you so often and miss you. I am in Portland at the moment; I’ve traveled up for Leah’s graduation from Evergreen on Friday. The trip coincides with another unfortunate hospitalization for Jordan – she’s been in OHSU for 15 days. Hopefully she’ll be discharged today and get to rest at home. She’s not going to be able to travel to Olympia for the graduation which bums both girls out immensely. As for me, life is still wonderful and I’m happy happy happy. I’m experiencing sciatica for the first time in my life and in absolute agony with lower back pain and an aching right leg. Trying to work through it….may have to hit up Isak for a massage if we can find a place to do it Friday!!

    How are you? Give me the quick and dirty down low on you please. Love you. Kim

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