You remember that post where I asked what you wanted to know, right?  Well, for those of you who responded, thank you!  I decided to create this page specifically for answering these and any other questions that may crop up.  My goal is still 20 questions…I’m sure more of you are curious about something!  Thanks for playing along. Feel free to add a comment at the bottom with your question.

Heidi asked:
When are you coming home?

Good question, I don’t really have a good answer for you though! For one, I don’t really feel like I have a home anymore, aside from just wherever I am. As for coming back to the US, probably September or so at least for a visit. If I can make it work out with income, etc…then I may return to the states with a return ticket out! For various reasons, I’m not sure starting over in the US is going to work out. We shall see!

Grace asked:

Would love to know more about what the people think of the USA, their own country, the world in general. What are their concerns? Positive and negative comments.

I think this is really a mixed bag. A lot of folks I’ve talked to don’t like our government involvement too much. This goes for other countries as well especially if a border is shared. Chileans, Peruvians and Argentinians for the most part have at least an eye roll or at most a speech prepared to highlight their disdain for their neighbors. If you have the opportunity to steer out of politics, however, the general feeling is that people from the US are very open and friendly, and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the people of the neighboring countries as well. From my own observations, people are the same everywhere. Cliche as it may sound it’s true. Their concerns are the same, they want their children to be healthy and happy, they want their freedoms, they want some level of peace. As for what people think of their own country, for the most part there is a high level of pride in each of the countries I’ve visited, more so than I’ve found in the US. They are patriotic people who love their countries, but not necessarily the politics that govern them.

Blaine asked:

Why South America?

Since I was a young teenager and perhaps even before, I’ve always dreamed of South America and have never really known why. It used to be a fascination with the Amazon, but expanded to an ever stronger desire to be down here. I never wanted it to be just a two week vacation either, I wanted to just come here and really live, be able to experience the culture and the landscape. I’m immensely thankful that it has come to fruition. Always keep multiple dreams on hand, then when one doesn’t work out, instead of being devastated you can be excited for the opportunity to follow another!

Nelly asked:

What other South American country are you planing to visit on your travels?

This time around, it will be limited to the ones I’ve been to: Chile, Argentina and Peru.  In June I’m going to Panama and Costa Rica, possibly Nicaragua.  I hope to come back to South America again soon though, to explore the Northern parts.  Columbia, Ecuador and Brazil are all on my list…although so are all the countries in the world I haven’t seen yet!

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