Earth Songs in 3 Parts

Part 1
dry earth photo: Dry 2896560664_4e341aa7e1.jpg
Parched Earth:

I remember when the rains came

I used to sit under a covered porch

And watch the ground somehow absorb

Every drop.

I’d wonder where it all would flow

How the earth could hold anymore

And wait

And wait

And wait

For the deluge to stop.

Now  I sit in the dappled shade of a dying tree

Watching sunbeams beat down

Greedy rays gulping whatever moisture they can find.

Dust in my lungs

Heat on my skin

With the parched earth I am one

And we are so



Part 2
floods photo: Danube floods Hungary-Floods_zpse37b3108.jpg
Healing Earth:

If I let one tear fall

I will fill every dry lake bed across the world

Unable to stop

The rivers will run and wash away


and Everyone

If I let one tear fall

Buried will be the desert sands beneath my salted sea

Mountains turned to mud will wash on by my feet

And all of the pain and all of the struggle

That is and ever was

Will swallow me in the river

With everything

And Everyone.

Part 3
golden leaf photo: leaf w_81_1024x768.jpg

Today I watched a golden leaf gliding down

Dancing through the sky, unhurried


Softly landing on the still water below


Floating in that same water

Hoping to find the same ease

To lilt through life



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