Peru, A Photographic Journey Part 1

Side note: For those of you who had questions in response to my last post, I’ve created a new page. Look up. See it? It’s called ‘Answers’. Go ahead and click on it to read my responses. Three people asked questions, anyone else curious? I hope so!

While I’m working on the next article, I thought you might enjoy a journey through Peru. While Chile was jaw-droppingly (I think it should be a word) gorgeous, Peru is pure magic and energy. The adjective that comes to mind most is raw. Now that I’m settled in, I love it here. I’m going to bring you along with me, in the way that I saw it. Are you ready? (And how nice that YOU won’t be needing that Cipro!)

Miraflores, Lima, Peru:

I was only here for one night and part of one day. Miraflores translates to “look flowers”, and there were plenty to see. It’s really a lovely part of Lima.

Rooftop cactus garden:

This is the Parque del Amor, next to the ocean:

Notice the letters on his back pocket?

That’s right, V.D. in the Park of Love! Go figure.

Headed South, the next stop was Huacacina, close to Ica for dune buggies and sand boarding. Sadly, no pictures of the sand boarding since I didn’t want to ruin my camera (or have proof that I only went down on my belly like a scared little girl). Ooops, wasn’t supposed to tell you that…

Huacacina is a little oasis tucked inside some massive sand dunes. Dune buggies are the most prevalent vehicles on the road. It’s a pretty little spot, highly prone to young people partying. Aside from the sand boarding and close by Nazca lines, there isn’t much happening in Huacacina unless you just want to get drunk and sit in the sun.

This little guy lived at our hostel:

Mototaxis are a cheap, easy and fun way to navigate around town in Peru:

Up next, the Nazca lines. Ancient Incan mystery? Alien landing strip? Giant hoax? You decide…

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I decided to sell (almost) everything I own and buy a plane ticket to South America. This is all about why and how, and what happens next.
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