Hippies, Hiking, and Happiness

El Bolson, Argentina

I stepped off the bus in El Bolson and was greeted by azure skies. Drumbeats floated through the warm afternoon air, landing sweetly in my ears. I have no maps or guidebooks for Argentina, so I show up in every town essentially blind. Not knowing what direction to go for tourist information, camping, or even the town center I decided to just follow the music. This led me to the central plaza and the festivities that mark the end of Carnival. The crowd of drummers was preceded by women of all ages dressed in white, hips gyrating to the beat and wide smiles across their faces as they danced around the plaza.

Every night in the same plaza there was some entertainment to be found. Families gathered on the grass and sidewalks to watch clowns perform, musicians play guitar and jugglers tossing clubs in the air. Time spent in any restaurant in the evenings would bring its share of entertainment as well. Artists would stroll in, remove a violin or guitar from a case and play a few songs before moving on. If music and performance is not your thing, this is also the town of Herman the Creep fame. I feel certain that if he had stuck around, he would try to fondle you too.

I spent a week here, hiking in the hills and wandering around the many farms, mostly organic, that roll along the valley floor.

This particular farm included an organic dairy with delicious cheese, apple trees and berries.

Incredible hiking was all within either a short bus ride or walking distance from town.

Crossing rivers can sometimes be treacherous…I considered swimming over taking these “bridges”, parts of which had to be jumped to avoid the areas where the wood had fallen away. Comforting…

but the hikes were worth it, every time. You can’t beat fern carpets,

wild fuchsias,

and gorgeous views.

It was hard not to just stop here and consider myself home.

About stephwithoutborders

I decided to sell (almost) everything I own and buy a plane ticket to South America. This is all about why and how, and what happens next.
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14 Responses to Hippies, Hiking, and Happiness

  1. Nelly says:

    Hi Steph,
    I enjoy your blogs from South America and look forward to see and hear more.
    Thanks and good luck with all your travels.

  2. Kimbo says:

    Seems like you hit the mother lode there. Such a beautiful place. I spent the weekend out in the BSV with another kind of majesty – the desert skies were astonishingly beautiful both day and night. Thought of you! Glad you’re having a nice experience in Argentina. xoxoo

    • Thanks darling! I think of you often down here too! I have been out of Argentina for a long time now, just trying to catch up!! In Peru now. More adventure stories coming soon, even better ones! xoxoxox

  3. Becky says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Wow! I’m in awe evertime I read your blog!

  4. Jana says:

    What amazing views, nature, and fresh foods! So glad you found a little bit of heaven there. Can’t wait to read where you are now and what adventure you’ve had. : )

  5. aj says:

    Hey homie! I googled Herman the creep and came up w/ nothing. Since you brought it up….can you elaborate. Off the air if its too ‘CREEPY.” Rarrgh! -aj

    • Hey homie! Read the post on Romance in South America and it will tell you all about Herman the Creep, should have been able to click on it in the last post to take you there! Love you, thanks for reading!!

  6. What beautiful countryside. And best wishes for a continued amazing adventure!

  7. Matt Vitale says:


    Please stay as long as you can. The moment you come back to the States will be the same as when you left (as far as the States are concerned). You are doing something amazing right now and I know those of us reading admire your courage.


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